VxRail 7.0.13x – Networking Flexibility

One of the biggest changes we've added to the VxRail 7.0 code release is around the networking. In previous VxRail releases, we could only guarantee the Network Daughter Card (NDC) would be installed in the system. That lead us to only configuring the NDC for "System Traffic" (Management, vSAN, vMotion) and then the PCIe NICs … Continue reading VxRail 7.0.13x – Networking Flexibility

IPv6 Multicast (Loudmouth) Changes in VxRail 4.7

In a previous post about changes made to the first run/install of a VxRail cluster running our 4.7 code, I made mention that we've now moved the IPv6 Multicast traffic (also known as "Loudmouth") to leverage a private network. ┬áThis will help us in a few ways, but one of the main reasons for the … Continue reading IPv6 Multicast (Loudmouth) Changes in VxRail 4.7