VxRail 4.7.000 Upgrade Walk Through

With VxRail 4.7.000 being released today for VxRail upgrades, I wanted to walk through part of the process.  First, ALWAYS check SolVe for the procedure to run the upgrade in your environment.  It will provide the detailed procedure you need to follow for this upgrade. For the upgrade, I downloaded the file locally and then did … Continue reading VxRail 4.7.000 Upgrade Walk Through

VxRail – Code Upgrade Details

One of the most compelling reasons we see success with VxRail is around the life-cycle management (LCM) of the system.  From the VxRail side of the house, we provide our customers with a "composite package".  Inside the composite package are various files that are used to update the cluster.  The entire update process is automated … Continue reading VxRail – Code Upgrade Details