VxRail 7.0.13x – Networking Flexibility

One of the biggest changes we've added to the VxRail 7.0 code release is around the networking. In previous VxRail releases, we could only guarantee the Network Daughter Card (NDC) would be installed in the system. That lead us to only configuring the NDC for "System Traffic" (Management, vSAN, vMotion) and then the PCIe NICs … Continue reading VxRail 7.0.13x – Networking Flexibility

VxRail 4.7 – Now with Flexible vSAN Licensing!

VxRail hit another milestone this week - we released 4.7 code into the manufacturing process and can now ship all VxRail 14G PowerEdge based nodes with VxRail 4.7 code preloaded.  One of the biggest benefits of this is we now allow customers to choose the version of vSAN license they'd like to apply to their … Continue reading VxRail 4.7 – Now with Flexible vSAN Licensing!