VxRail 4.7.300 – VxRail Manager Physical View Now Integrated into vCenter

As I mentioned in my previous post about 4.7.300 being released, one of the things I’m happy to see is the integration of the VxRail Manager physical view into the vCenter HTML5 client.  In the past, this used to be a link and launch into another tab.  It looked like this:


That view would open up in a new tab and while it worked, it wasn’t ideal.  After the VxRail team did some work with the vCenter team, we were able to get the physical view to show up natively in the HTML5 client now with VxRail 4.7.300.

Now when you choose the “Appliances” view in the HTML5 vCenter client you see this (also dark mode compliant!):

Physical View

This, I think all would agree, is much nicer than the link and launch we previously had.  We were able to achieve this without sacrificing any functionality that we had through physical view.  As a user, you’re still able to get all the same info, if not more.  There was also some additional functionality added.

The first thing I wanted to highlight is what happens when you select a node.  Here you can see when you select a node, it give you the node information as well as an “actions” menu.

The actions allows you to see the host details, turn on the system LED, shutdown the host, add drives and well as non-disruptively remove the node from the cluster.

If you want to get more information about the node, you can choose “View Host Details” or you can select the host from within vCenter and choose “Physical view” under the VxRail plugin in the Monitor section.  This view will give you a more detailed view of that specific node.  You will also have the option to see the “Overview”, “Boot Device” and “Alerts” information for that node.

Physical View - Alerts

Another thing existing customers may notice here is the alerts also show up in this view now for the specific node, and there is also a link to the KB article for that alert.

This view is what you would also use to replace a drive, just as you would in the old VxRail Manager view.  By selecting a drive, you’ll see you get all of the drive information as well as the ability to turn on/off the disk LED, if needed.

Physical View - Replace Disk

Finally, as I mentioned previously, we added a new workflow into the add drive functionality.  If under “Actions” you choose “Add Disk”, the wizard will pop up to walk you through adding the disk (also, always follow the SolVe procedure before adding drives). Add Disks

What’s new is the 2nd option of “No, I want to get suggestions on disk slots for the new disks”.  If you select this option, the system will ask you how many drives (cache and capacity) you’d like to add.  It’ll then look at your node configuration and tell you which drive slots the drives should be inserted in.  That’s definitely bringing a nice value to those users that may not be sure.

As you can see, there was a tremendous amount of work to continue to drive ease of use into VxRail Manager and build upon the value we’ve created.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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