VxRail 4.7.300 is released!

Today we posted VxRail 4.7.300 for customers to upgrade their existing systems.  This release contains vSphere 6.7U3 in its update.  This is a major release from VMware and some of the vSAN specific updates from Jase McCarty can be seen HERE.

From a VxRail perspective there are also quite a few new features added. I will make a few more posts highlighting those features, but at a high level here are some of the things now supported with VxRail 4.7.300 and VxRail Manager (this is for existing clusters):

-Completion of the vCenter plugin – the physical view along with system updates are now native in vCenter (no more link & launch)

-Support for limited bandwidth environments – you will have the ability to toggle how much data (and how frequently data is sent from VxRail MGR to vCenter) – this will be helpful for dispersed clusters with a centralized vCenter.

-iDRAC Event Integration – in previous versions we started to integrate iDRAC alerts into VxRail Manger (and therefore vCenter).  This update will now complete that integration. 

-Optimizing VxRail upgrades – starting with VxRail 4.7.300, VxRail changes the upgrade process to reduce the amount of time an upgrade takes.  Instead of waiting for 1 node to complete the upgrade (update components online, maintenance mode and update remaining components then reboot), VxRail Manager will now start the online update of the next node while the previous node is rebooting.  This will save quite a bit of time on upgrades going forward.

-Scheduling upgrades – The ability to schedule future upgrades will be added to the new VxRail upgrade functionality.  You won’t see this in 4.7.300, but in future upgrades you will have the ability to leverage the scheduling functionality.

-Node expansion improvements – If you’re adding a node running a version of VxRail that’s older than the current version and it’s a compatible version, the system will automatically upgrade the node as part of the cluster expansion.

There are also quite a few new features for new installs.  We will add in the ability to support Layer 3 with VxRail to support multirack deployments.  In addition, the first run (or deployment of the VxRail) will have the ability to update the BIOS time during the install, deploy the internal/embedded vCenter with ephemeral ports, the ability to join an existing SSO domain while using the internal/embedded vCenter.  

Overall, these are just a few of the improvements.  I’m working on some posts showing some of the changes in 4.7.300 for existing deployments and then will follow it up with some information on the changes during install.

5 thoughts on “VxRail 4.7.300 is released!

  1. The comment I see: “the ability to join an existing SSO domain while using the internal/embedded vCenter.” Does this mean that 4.7.300 will move to a internal PSC for the VxRail hosted (embedded) vCenter?


  2. Hi jeremry

    first I would like thank you for this blog and for all the useful information you share about the vxrail System
    I am planning to deploy a E series cluster with this version 4.7.300 and the node 04 NDC ports and 02 PCI ports i guest my question if case the customer as to us both NDC and PCI card in a 04 link deployment 02 ports each card , in this case is the Vxrail manager will detect the connected ports selected 02 NDC 02 PCI (even if it is different from the pre defined profile 04 NDC ) and configure the according service ? or i have to setup ?



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