VxRail 4.7.110 and 4.5.310 released

I’m happy to announce that both 4.7.110 and 4.5.310 have been released and posted to the support site.  These are two critical releases for customers running 4.7.100 and 4.5.300 code as this version resolves an issue as documented in DTA 531166.

Once we were alerted of a potential issue, we did pull 4.7.100 and 4.5.300 code and alerted our customers.  At that point, I also temporarily removed the blog posts I had that covered the 4.7.100 releases.  Those posts are now back up:

Plugin walk through is HERE
Advanced host naming is HERE
Adding a node via the plugin is HERE

As always, please be sure to check SolVe for the latest procedure on how to upgrade your cluster.

4 thoughts on “VxRail 4.7.110 and 4.5.310 released

  1. Hello, Thanks for information. I am looking for that update, but there is nothing about that update in releases notes (acc. March 2019). Each my upgrade = problems and before next step I am looking for as much information about update I can. It is a little bit pitty and I feell that the dell/emc didn’t process their homework. You have a brand new update and not enough informations about new things, issues and impact on your serverroom…


  2. Nomad,
    The release notes should be updated very shortly, if they haven’t already. We did find an issue with the HBA FW/Driver combination which lead us to release these 2 versions. This issue also, unfortunately, impacted other solutions outside of VxRail.


    1. It depends of the version you’re running. There are some easy ways and some that are more involved. The best bet is to work with your local account team to make sure you follow the best way.


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