VxRail 4.7.000 Posted to Web (Upgrades)

I’m happy to announce that VxRail 4.7.000 has now been posted to the web.  This update will allow our VxRail customers to upgrade their existing clusters to vSphere 6.7 EP5 (we waited for this patch release versus just going with U1).  We’ve been busy getting VxRail 4.7 ready with a ton of development and testing.  This is the first wave for 4.7.000 (posting for upgrades) and the 2nd wave will happen next month when VxRail 4.7.000 is cut into the factory so it can be shipped on net new nodes.

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In addition to the benefits of going to vSphere 6.7, there are some new things from the VxRail side as well.  Some of those new features are:

  • Changes to Log Collection
  • Support for Remote Service credentials via ESRS
  • iDRAC Event Integration – allows us to take events from iDRAC and populate them in VxRail Manager (which will also propogate back into vCenter – currently only Critical alerts are supported)
  • VxRail support for vSphere FT
  • FW LCM Enhancements
    • VxRail has always done a great job with firmware updates – we’re now extending that include additional hardware components including things like the SSDs, HDDs, BOSS Device, etc.  This should help complete the entire LCM of the hardware stack
  • Migration support for moving from nodes with 25GbE on board (NDC) ports connected to 10GbE to move to a 25GbE switch
    • This will help with those customers that have 25GbE clusters, but haven’t moved their TOR Switches to 25GbE yet.
  • Ability to move the Loudmouth (IPv6 Multicast) traffic to an isolated VLAN
    • This will help keep the Loudmouth (Node add, cluster build) traffic off the Management (public) VLAN.  This will also allow us to keep the Loudmouth traffic isolated to the TOR Switch.

One thing to note – if you plan to expand your cluster before December, I’d advise on holding off on the upgrade until we can ship nodes from the factory in December.  The main reason being is that is when we will have the node replacement bits available.

Head on over to the support site and you should see it:


In addition to these benefits, stay tuned for some more when VxRail 4.7.000 gets cut into the factory in December as I previously mentioned.  Stay tuned for that in.


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