Hello World

So I’ve already had my first misstep – I’ve decided to move to WordPress to host this blog as they have an app that appears to be easier for editing.

I figure I may as well give this a shot. My goal for this page is to share some of what I’ve learned over the years with regards to HCI and more specifically around VxRail.

I’ve been working on VxRail for over 3 years now and have seen the product mature from VxRail 3.0 to our current VxRail 4.5 release. This included going from a single 2U4N HW platform to PowerEdge 13G and now the PowerEdge 14G platform (of which you can mix them all in a single cluster).

Over the years, I have come to understand more about not only the VxRail, but also vSAN and how we can get as granular as possible with storage polices, but also be as general as possible (after all, this should be simple).

In my first few posts, I will focus on what’s needed to install a VxRail, highlight some key gotchas and discuss what is VxRail Manager and when it comes into use.

I look forward to the sharing of information!

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